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ACJC Strings @ SYF

On 2nd April 2019, the ACJC String Ensemble participated in the Singapore Youth Festival’s Arts Presentation, which was held at the SOTA Concert Hall. We are proud to announce that the Ensemble attained a Certificate of Distinction for the 5th consecutive time!


We wouldn’t have been able to attain this distinction without the support of everyone who has been part of this amazing journey- from teachers, to peers, to all our well-wishers. We are especially grateful to our conductor, Mr Yang Zhengyi, who not only tirelessly guided us in our playing, but also taught us the importance of loving the music we play.

The ACJC String Ensemble is thankful for the support and encouragement that we received through the preparation for SYF, especially from our school leaders, parents, teachers and friends. We also give thanks to God for blessing us and watching over through the entire journey. May the String Ensemble continue to reach greater heights of excellence in music making, and to bring joy to those who hear our music.

To God be the Glory, The Best is Yet to Be!