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ACJC Open House 2019

Anglo-Chinese Junior College held our Open House for 2019 from 12-5pm on Wednesday the 9th of January, with the theme "Imagine the Possibilities". With no other junior colleges holding their open houses on the same day we were pleased to welcome a record-setting crowd of 2500 or more to the College. Present were graduating students from the Methodist family of schools, as well as a plethora of others. Parents of prospective students, and even current Secondary Four students attended too.

Our tireless student guides welcoming the guests

Our Principal, Dr Shirleen Chee, opened the event with a short pep talk, followed by a word of prayer. Dr Chee reminded the College of this year’s initiative to lead from the inside out- all members of the ACJC family were exhorted to lead in their own way through putting the College’s best foot forward. The happy throngs that swarmed the campus seemed to be a clear testament to the entire College putting these words into action.

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For 2019, in the spirit of our theme the College imagined new possibilities for our Open House. While the Academic displays are usually located in the Hub, this year we held them in Lecture Theatre 3 right across from the CCA displays in the Hall, a clear image of the all-rounded ethos of ACJC with the academic programme hand in hand with the co-curricular programme. From a stunning photography display, or a stirring demonstration of sporting prowess, guests could walk right across to the carefully curated Academic display boards to learn about the rigorous programmes available at the College.

Another new element of the Open House Programme was the inclusion of the Faith Centre for the Performing Arts. To showcase the state-of-the-art performance space the ACJC Dance Society and ACSian Theatre conducted hourly performances. Meanwhile on the field, the sports teams put on their live demonstrations.. The vigour and vitality of our performers and sportspeople was a physical testament to ‘those who hope, work and play’ (in the words of TW Hinch) at ACJC.

The College thanks God and the untiring efforts of the entire ACJC family for the success of ACJC Open House 2019. We trust that we have helped our prospective students to imagine their own possibilities at ACJC.

To God be the Glory! The Best is Yet to Be!