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ACJC Literature Enrichment - University of York

On April 15 2019, ACJC was honoured to host Professor Helen Smith, the Head of Department, English and Related Literature at York as a guest lecturer. The University of York is renowned for having one of the foremost and most innovative Literature faculties in the UK.

Professor Smith delivered an enrichment lecture that was open to JC2 Literature students. As a specialist in Early Modern Literature, Professor Smith focused on the presentation of Women in Renaissance Drama, a topic pertinent to our students , all of whom are offering at least one text from the English Renaissance.

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Professor Helen Smith, on Women in Renaissance Drama

Professor Smith presented a fascinating overview of the way women in the Renaissance were depicted, taking into account gender stereotypes, religious, political and social attitudes toward women, and the way in which women, both in reality and in the texts under consideration navigated these issues. Both set texts, such as Shakespeare's Measure for Measure and Middleton's Women Beware Women were discussed, along with other texts of the period, relevant to the H2 unseen component, such as The Duchess of Malfi and The Witch of Edmonton. In addition to purely literary discussion she also addressed student questions on the broader topic of the UK as a destination for tertiary education.

We are grateful to the Department of English and Related Literatures for providing ACJC with the opportunity for this enrichment lecture, building on our previous collaboration in 2018, and look forward to future such opportunities for student enrichment.