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ACJC Cherishes the Class of 2018

On the 22nd of February 2019, Anglo-Chinese Junior College (ACJC) received the GCE A-level results for the Class of 2018.


In addition to the Integrity, Tenacity and Passion they displayed in their academics, the Class of 2018 served as exemplars of these ACSian values on the playing field, in performances, in clubs and societies, in academics, and in their service to others. As a College, we cherish each and every one of them, and in line with our ethos, we would like to showcase a few students, ACSian paragons one and all, who were outstanding role models during their time at the college.

Teh Ren Jie performed outstandingly with 9 distinctions. An MOE-ASEAN scholar, Ren Jie has always been an academically driven student and he received the academic book prize for Chemistry at the end of JC One, and the Akbar Khan Award. His awards at the Science olympiads and general knowledge quizzes demonstrate his all-round capacity for excellence. Besides this, Ren Jie also displayed tremendous leadership capabilities as the Vice-President of the 42nd Students’ Council, while also being a dedicated debate mentor with the ACJC Oratorical and Debate Society. For his dedication to the college, Ren Jie was elected to the 2018 Principal’s Honour Roll. He is truly an outstanding ACSian.

Ariel Koh Min also demonstrated outstanding excellence, scoring 7 distinctions. Ariel was an academic achiever throughout her time as a student. She was a recipient of the prestigious MOE Humanities Scholarship for 2017 to 2018. She was also awarded the Lee Hah Ing Award for being the top Arts student at the JC1 Promotional Examinations, the book prize in H2 History and the Best Progress Award. As the President of the History Society and a dedicated performer with the ACJC Harp Ensemble, Ariel impressed with her perseverance and skill. She has been awarded the Public Service Commission Local Scholarship to study History and International Relations.

Nicholas Chung has, in the face of challenging circumstances, been an exemplar of cheerful determination and has persevered in his pursuit of all-rounded development. He capped his dedicated school career at ACJC by a sterling performance at the A Level Examinations. He is a true example of ACJC’s core value of tenacity, proving that with diligence and concerted commitment one can make a difference in the lives of others. Nicholas was a 2018 ECHA Award recipient and awarded the Methodist Schools’ Foundation Good Steward Award 2018

Keliza Toh, President of the 42nd Students' Council has balanced the demands of her studies along with her role as President of the Student’s Council, and has led her cohort to academic excellence. Keliza herself performed well at the A Level Examinations. For her dedication and service to the college, Keliza was elected to the 2018 Principal’s Honour Roll and was valedictorian of her cohort. Keliza was also a recipient of the 2018 ECHA award.

Tan Tze How Jasmond, a National canoeist, has demonstrated his capacity as an all-rounder with outstanding academic results at the A Level Examinations. Jasmond was elected to the 2018 Principal’s Honour Roll and awarded the ACJC Sports Scholarship and the Peter Lim Scholarship for high performance in the under-18 category. He was also the 2018 Singapore Schools Sports Council’s Sports Boy as well as the canoeing captain of the National Junior Team. He has distinguished himself as someone who fully embraces an all-rounded and holistic education.

Anunaya Joshi, from the mixed discipline combination is an ACSian who truly made the most of the College’s eclectic subject combinations. He has demonstrated exemplary performance across both the Arts and Sciences. An outstanding student leader, he served both as a 2018 Orientation Group Leader and secretary of ACSian Theatre. He was awarded the Outstanding Service Award for his contributions to the college.

The College takes deep pride in these ACSians, and in each and every member of the Class of 2018.

To God be the Glory- The Best is Yet to Be!