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ACJC Art Exhibition 2019: Sonder

On the first of February 2019, we held our inaugural art exhibition, entitled Sonder, featuring works from the graduate Art students of 2018 as well as pieces from the current class of 2019 and Art Club members.

Sonder is the realisation that each passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as our own. Through this exhibition, we hope to give audiences a look into the inner worlds of artists; our individual experiences of the past year, as well as our hopes for the years to come. We also aspire to use this platform to allow audiences to gain better self awareness of themselves, the people around them and even issues that surround the world today.

The turnout was excellent. Many of our peers and teachers came early to immerse themselves in the many artworks exhibited in the art gallery. Our school leaders, parents and guests from other colleges came shortly after to show their interest and support. Student guides were also available to bring visitors around the works to help them gain deeper understanding of the creative ideas and thought processes that went behind each work. Many visitors were impressed by the visual appeal and technical sensitivities displayed in the exhibition.

IMG_4249 (1).jpg
We would like to thank our school leaders for their unwavering support as well as Mrs Creffield, HOD Arts, for her advice and guidance, our teachers for their kind understanding and everyone who came to support us and our passion. Last but not least, we want to thank God for His amazing creativity and blessings for without Him, none of these would have happened.

To God be the Glory, The Best is yet to Be!