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Achievements in Science

ACJC participated in the Singapore Chemistry Olympiad and the Singapore Physics Olympiad in 2018, and we are pleased to announce that our students have done us proud in these competitions!

The Singapore Chemistry Olympiad team clinched 1 silver, 4 bronzes, and 1 merit:

Class Participant Award
2SA1 Glenn So Bronze
2SA1 Nhan Gia Minh Bronze
2SA1 Zhen Yuxin Merit
2SB2 Ernest Yu Silver
2SC8 Winston Jin Bronze
2SC8 Sean Eng Bronze

physics 1.jpg

The Chemistry Olympiad Team with Dr Chee, our Principal

The Singapore Physics Olympiad team clinched 1 bronze and an honourable mention:

Class Participant          Award
2SA5 Wu Zhuolin         Bronze
2SB3 Tan Tze Young Honourable Mention
physics 2.jpg

The Physics Olympiad Team

ACJC also participated in the Singapore Young Physicists’ Tournament 2018, and our college clinched the silver award. The team comprised Li Mengze (2MD6), Jaymi Mae Ching (2SA5), and Aloysius Tang (2SB3).

The Singapore Young Physicists’ Tournament (SYPT) team shares their reflection:

“Preparation for the SYPT was a tough, challenging but rewarding endeavour. We were stretched to our limits by the rigour of the experiments and the profound analysis mentioned in the journals we read. However, with guidance and help from our teachers, Mr Tay, Mr Koo and Mr Chang, we managed to pull through and even clinched the Silver award amongst the tough competition. We are immensely proud of our achievement but what was invaluable was the experience we gained from our months of preparation. We hope our juniors can continue this legacy and do well in the competition.”

physics 3.jpg

ACJC's Young Physicist Team

The college sincerely appreciates our science tutors for their dedication in guiding and mentoring the teams:

Singapore Chemistry Olympiad – Mr Marcus Yip
Singapore Physics Olympiad – Mr Yap Kian Wee & Mrs Fabiola Soong
Singapore Young Physicists’ Tournament – Mr Jeremy Tay, Mr Koo Guowen and Mr Chang Kok Keong

We are also thankful for the support of the form tutors, subject tutors and CCA teachers of the students in these teams.

To God be the Glory, the Best is yet to be!