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A*Star Science Award

The Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR) Science Award (JC) is open to students who have excelled in Science and Mathematics subjects and have a keen interest in research. Awardees will participate in the A*STAR Research Attachment Programme as well as other A*STAR activities such as talks and seminars by leading scientists.

We are proud to announce that the following students have been awarded the A*STAR Science Award 2019 on 31st May:

Faith Chee Yan Ni(1SB1)

Lam Wing Ha, Henry(1SA1)

Lim Jie Yi, Rachel(1SC2)

Sarah Chua Qian Yin(1SC1)

Astar group photo.jpg
Group Photo for A*STAR Science Award Ceremony on 31st May
From left to right: Mrs Lee Bee Cheow(VP Education), Faith Chee Yan Ni(1SB1), Lam Wing Ha, Henry(1SA1), Professor Ng Huck Hui(Executive Director of A*STAR Graduate Academy), Sarah Chua Qian Yin(1SC1), Lim Jie Yi, Rachel(1SC2), Mdm Adeline Cheong(Teacher)

“The A*STAR science award provides a good opportunity for me to experience what it is like to carry out real research work as I am considering doing research as a future career. In addition, it would enable me to learn content beyond the school syllabus, making it a very enriching experience. I look forward to work on a project alongside with an A*STAR researcher. This golden opportunity does not come easy and I want to make full use of it as much as possible.”
Sarah Chua Qian Yin(1SC1)