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Showcasing the DEP- Culminatio and Theastai

In May and June 2018, ACJC’s Drama Elective Programme (DEP) Classes of 2018 and 2019 presented their examination showcases, a sterling testament to the rigorous performative practice they excel at.

The DEP Class of 2019 had their first examination showcase, Theasthai on the 19th of May. Many of the students were performing on stage for the first time, and the hard work put in during rehearsals was clear on stage as the students played their characters with veracity. They presented a range of monologues, spanning from comedy to tragedy.

The showcase itself, however, was merely the culmination of a rigorous programme of preparation. The students rehearsed with vigour, picking up key performative skills through the process, and utilizing them to play their characters with truth and energy on stage. They learnt the importance of rehearsal and process work in translating text to stage in order to put up a successful performance.

Excellent line delivery and strong characterisation made Theasthai a meaningful and thought-provoking night for both the audience and performers, standing testament to their passion for the subject and to the art.

Theasthai 3.jpg
The Cast and Crew of Theastai

A few weeks after their juniors presented the beginning of their performative journey, the J2 students DEP cohort presented their final examination showcase, Culminatio, on the 23rd June 2018. As the name suggests, the showcase serves as the culmination of the class’ performative practice over the past two years.

The night consisted of three impactful performances that explored a diverse range of dramatic styles and thematic concerns. The first, Power Play, was a moving performance that discussed teenage violence and the struggle for power within the social fabric of high school. The next piece, Medusa, made use of movement and combat to highlight the downfall of the Medusa due to her hubris. Falling ended the night with a thought-provoking performance about autism and a family’s struggles to love someone who is difficult to love.

Culminatio 1.jpgCulminatio 2.jpgCulminatio 3.jpg
Power Play, Medusa, Falling (l-r)

Culminatio was a meaningful experience for both the audience and performers. The students brought to the stage the clear passion they had for the art, and the nuanced performances were a testament to the time and effort that they put into their craft.

Culminatio 4.jpg
The Cast and Crew of Culminatio

If you were not able to catch our J1s in action during Theasthai, you can watch them in their upcoming Group Skills showcase, Inventio, on the 3th of September at 7.30pm at ACJC’s Faith Centre for the Performing Arts.

Reuben Goh & Jesslyn Lye
To God Be The Glory,
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