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Presidential Citation for ACJC Interact Club

The 2016/2017 Presidential Citation for Interact Clubs is an international recognition given to Interact Clubs for the efforts put in by young Interactors all over the world. Rotary International affirms the accomplishments of Interact Clubs and awards the Presidential Citation to a select group of Interact Clubs for fulfilling activities that promote the goals of Rotary International. Supported by the College and our parent club, the Rotary Club of Jurong Town (RCJT), the Interact Club of Anglo-Chinese Junior College received the 2016/2017 Presidential Citation for Interact Clubs.

Achieving this accolade has been an enriching one-year journey starting in November 2016 when the ACJC Interact Club initiated a social media campaign to raise awareness of the Rotary movement’s “End Polio Now” campaign. Using the hashtag #acjcrotaryendpolio on Instagram, ACJC students were invited to share their thoughts on polio and Rotary’s efforts to end polio. In the same month, our ACJC Interactors participated in RCJT’s annual Vocational Workshop. Together with fellow Interactors from Jurong Junior College and Pioneer Junior College, our ACJC Interactors engaged and networked with established individuals from various job sectors to learn more about their field of work and be exposed to career opportunities.

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An international understanding event with peers from China

n 2017, the ACJC Interact Club continued to organise activities to meet the Rotary movement’s goals. In promoting international understanding, our ACJC Interactors hosted peers from China and Nepal for different events in March and April respectively. In supporting education, our ACJC Interactors organised our annual ‘Kids Day Out’ in March where we brought 20 children with learning disabilities from Methodist Children and Youth Centre (MCYC) to HortPark for an outdoor experiential learning programme.

With other activities spread throughout 2016 and 2017, we successfully met the selection criteria for the prestigious award. In January 2018, the Past District Governor of Rotary District 3310, Mr Michael Yee, presented the certificate for the Presidential Citation to Jerrica Ang and See Zhi Xian Bryan, the ACJC Interact Club’s 2016/2017 President and Vice-President respectively.

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Presentation of the Presidential Citation to the ACJC Interact Club
From L- R: Mr Stanley Ng (President, Rotary Club of Jurong Town), Mr Michael Yee (Past District Governor, Rotary District 3310), Miss Jerrica Ang and Mr Bryan See (President and Vice-President, ACJC Interact Club, 2016-2017), Miss Carloyn Long (President, ACJC Interact Club, 2017-2018), Mdm Nooraisha and Mdm Ong Chim Buan (Teacher-Advisors of ACJC Interact Club)

The ACJC Interact Club would like to thank the past and present Presidents and Directors of RCJT and the past and present Principals and Vice-Principals of ACJC for their everlasting encouragement and support. We are also grateful to our past and present Teacher-Advisors and members for their contributions to our achievements. With this recognition as our motivation, we hope to achieve more and always serve positively to our college and community.

To God Be The Glory, The Best Is Yet To Be!