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Interdisciplinary Learning at the ArtScience Museum

On the 29th of January, students of the Drama Elective Programme and Art Elective Programme embarked on an inter-disciplinary site-specific learning journey to the Singapore ArtScience Museum.



The students were given the opportunity to visit and appreciate the provocative works of iconic street artists. The exhibition, “Art from the Streets”, showcased different forms of graffiti and explored the birth and origins of street art. The experience opened their eyes to how street artists developed their own techniques and effects to deliver high-impact messages that ranged from simple signatures to political statements, in raw, gritty, urban environments.


What is art?

Through this, the students were able to gain insight, not only todifferent forms of artistic techniques, but also, the ability of art to act as social commentary, sending across powerful messages and implementing change in the form of self-expression of different individuals’ opinions, views and mindsets.