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Beauty and the Beast

At the end of 2018, ACSian Theatre put up a production of Beauty & The Beast very different from the Disney fairy tale we are all familiar with; grounded in a gritty and desolate land filled with magical characters and happenings, ACSian theatre managed to bring the original French fairy tale to life. The production had a certain mellow darkness to it, with a fair amount of anxiety creeping around the corners of every scene.


The actors in this production performed with virtuosity, illustrating realistic emotions in absurd situations— from the frightening beast to the charming prince, all the performances were spectacular.



The intricate and detailed props and costumes were designed to exude a gothic vibe, reflective of the times that which the fairy tale was written. This allowed the audience to be fully immersed in the universe ACSian theatre had created onstage. Furthermore, the 5 expertly choreographed and performed dance numbers, one of which was set to Poetry and another to a modern pop song displayed ACSian Theatre’s versatility in tone and mood. All of this combined allowed Beauty & The Beast become a perfect blend of mood, atmosphere, story, and characterization.
We would also like to extend our deepest gratitudes to Mrs Geetha Creffield, Mr Gerard Sebastian Raj, Ms Michelle Wong, Mr Tobias Teo, Mdm Baljeet Kaur and Ms Low Tze Hui for making this production a magical and beautiful one.

Wali Khan