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Volunteers' Fair 2017

The ACJC Volunteers’ Fair was held on 28 February 2017. The annual event saw an unprecedented attendance of 35 organisations with a diverse range of causes ranging from humanitarian to environment, as well as organisations that focus on children, youth and family services, individuals with disability and special needs, and the elderly. 
The plethora of organisations presented our students with an eye-opening experience on the various needs of our community and expanded their views about community service. Being able to speak with the various community services and organisations allowed students to not only learn more about the various volunteering opportunities but also find out more about these organisations. 
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The fair also benefited the organisations as they were able to share their first-hand experience with the students and encourage them to volunteer with their organisations. On top of that, the fair also provided the organisations with an opportunity to interact and mingle with the other participating organisations, extending a platform for greater collaboration between the different organisations. 
“The Volunteers’ Fair was a good platform for students to have a glimpse of some of the needs in our own community which may often be overlooked or not made known, such as homelessness,” Ms Natalie Chong, the Programme Manager of New Hope Community Services expressed. She also likened the Volunteers’ Fair to a job fair where students can find out more about what they are interested in before exploring the opportunities further. 
“Hopefully, in so doing, they are able to believe in the cause and find meaning in what they are volunteering for, going beyond volunteering merely because it is their VIA project, but to find meaning and purpose and do everything in their means to make a difference,” Ms Chong highlighted. 

Indeed, this is when true meaningful volunteerism can occur.

Cheryl Teo, VIA Committee Member