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On 30th and 31st March, the college was honoured to host students and staff from Tezukayama High School (THS),  Osaka, Japan and Immanuel College (IMC) from Adelaide, Australia.

The schools arrived in ACJC's Faith Centre for Performing Arts on the morning of 30th May, for a concert that brings the talents of three educational institutions together in a language that spans both time and space: music.
With a mere two days to prepare, performers from THS, IMC and ACJC put up a truly splendid show.

THS's Concert Band kept the crowd bopping with their impeccable renditions of uplifting anthems and even jazzy tunes. Their gruelling practice schedule--6 days a week, totalling about 13 hours every week -clearly paid off, as evident by the immense precision with which they executed their routine.

IMC amazed the crowd not just with their singing ability but also their ability to play instruments! The musical and performing arts experience they are exposed to is rich with emphasis on different genres and varieties.

The ACJC Concert Band and ACJC Choir did not disappoint either. The band wowed the crowd with their clean and resonant sound, performing familiar tunes that kept the crowd on the edge of their seats. The choir also collaborated with the THS's Mother's Choir to deliver a heart-warming Japanese folk tune. The concert ended with all three schools breaking out into an iconic piece, Handel's Hallelujah,  a beautiful conclusion for a performance that celebrates the friendship that ACJC, Tezukayama High School and Immanuel College have made.

As of 2017, the friendship between THS and ACJC has lasted 27 years from when it first began back in 1989 when the ACJC Choir and Concert Band first reached out to the high school. ACJC's relationship with IMC is a relatively new one and the 2017 visit is IMC's inaugural visit. 


United in Music

Without a doubt, we look forward to see where these international bonds will take us in the future.

Nursarah 2AH and Immanuela Asa 2AD1