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Tezukayama High School Concert

From the 30th to 31st of March, our sister schools Tezukuyama High School from Japan and Immanuel College from Australia visited us for a short cultural exchange that culminated in a joint concert. This two-day event took place in the ACJC Faith Centre for Performing Arts and was a combined effort between all three school’s performing arts music groups. A grand performance was put up, with pieces of various music genres and periods being performed. The pieces were infused with the emotions of the performers, and warmed the hearts of the audience. The concert also served to further strengthen the bonds between the three colleges through interaction between staff and students, facilitating a mutual understanding and appreciation of each other’s culture. All in all, despite the exchange being a short one, much was gained from this experience for all parties. We would like to thank our students for extending a warm hand of friendship to our visitors and making them feel welcome during their short stay. And of course, we must thank our friends from Tezukuyama High School and Immanuel College for joining us for without them this event would not be possible. 


Our Vice Principal, Mrs Choo Hong Kiang, presenting a token of our appreciation to the leader of the THS delegation


Combined performers from all three schools

To God be the Glory, the Best is Yet to Be. 

Ng Jia Le
President of ACSian Theatre