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On 31 July 2017, the class of 2AH organised a TEDx event, TEDxYouth@ACJC, open to all students and staff. The theme of the event was 'Bridge Builders'.

TED is an organisation that provides platforms for established individuals to present theories, ideas and thoughts, namely through talks that are publicly accessible online. TEDx is a branch of TED that allows smaller communities to organise TED events independently.

TEDxYouth@ACJC this year featured 5 speakers from various fields, with the talks categorised into three broad acts.
Ms Chia Yong Yong.jpg

In ACT I: Advocacy & Change, Ms Chia Yong Yong -- a lawyer, disability advocate, and Nominated Member of Parliament (NMP) -- gave the audience a vicarious insight on disabilities and its potential impacts on one's livelihood, namely from a socio-economic standpoint. Her talk concludes with hopes for a society that strives towards greater equity.

Dr Dawn Tan.jpg

In a similar respect, Dr Dawn Tan, an Assistant Professor at SUTD under the Engineering Product Development (EPD PhD) Department, expounded on the challenges faced by women in Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM) fields, which are particularly dominated by men. She also spoke about the catalytic role that technological developments, like the Internet, have had in the tremendous surge of data transmissions in the past few decades.

Mr Lim Teck Yin.jpg

Following that was ACT II: Community & Kinship. CEO of Sport Singapore, Mr Lim Teck Yin, shared the unifying qualities that sports can have in communities, and how this observation is being applied in the Singaporean context.

Prof Bruce M. Lockhart.jpg

Prof Bruce Lockhart from the History Department at NUS placed the education system's Overseas Community Involvement Programme (OCIP) under heavy scrutiny, challenging the audience to critically assess the effectiveness of the programme in its current state, and efforts that can take it to greater heights.
Mr. Viswa Sadasivan.jpg

Concluding the talks in ACT III: Influence & Perception was Mr Viswa Sadasivan, CEO of Strategic Moves Pte Ltd and NMP. His talk urged for a change in a culture that still lingers in Singaporean society: the need for certainty. There was great emphasis on the need to embrace ambiguity and see the world not in black and white, but on a spectrum of greys. As the nation approaches its 52nd anniversary of independence, his speech is one of many that is oiling the cogs for touchy, yet important, discussions in a fragile society.

With the global rise of both social fragmentation and liberation movements, the thoughts provoked by the speakers were undoubtedly pivotal. The candour of the speakers that day in approaching societal issues provides a source of strength in facilitating key changes.

We thank the school leaders for supporting this event, all speakers for sharing your stories generously, our form teachers for guiding us, and everyone who made this event possible. We would also like to thank the audience for your support – we hope you found it as enjoyable and meaningful as we did!

Written by  Nursarah Bte Safari (2AH)