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Nanyang Research Project Symposium

Nanyang Research Programme (NRP) Symposium 

In 2016, eight ACJC students were selected for the Nanyang Research Programme (NRP), an annual research outreach programme organised by Nanyang Technological University (NTU). Their research topics ranged from Mathematical and Natural Sciences to Social Sciences. After one year of rigorous research, the students have successfully completed their projects under the mentorship of their NTU professors and have presented their projects at the NRP Symposium. Two students, Cai Yutong (2SC3) and Zhang Liu (2AD1), also represented the College to showcase their individual projects, sharing their knowledge and passion in science with other NRP participants. We are proud to announce the following winners for the NRP Symposium.
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Zhang Liu (2AD1)

Cai Yutong (2SC3)
Muhammad Faruq B Jahangeer (2SA4)
Qi Ailin (2SA3)
Xiang Tong (2SB1)
Xie Liyang (2SA4)
Yang Xuyi (2SA2)
Zeng Yinfeng (2SA1)


I still remember how frustrated I was in the NTU mechanic lab, spending hours staring at the physics equipment, clueless about how to get the measurement I wanted. As a biology student, I had regretted taking an engineering project – from complex mechanical equations to esoteric terms, everything seemed daunting. But I gradually understood that as an aspiring researcher, I should expose myself to diverse scientific disciplines before delving into the field of interest. I studied basic mechanics and data processing techniques from scratch all by myself. To me, what's fascinating about science research is that we do not wait for others to spoon-feed us answers but invent solutions ourselves.

Cai Yutong (2SC3)


“What I’ve learnt from science research is not just science knowledge, although that’s what motivates me from the beginning. In science research competitions, or any endeavours in life, we never fail to associate something successful with a lot of hard work and inspiring moments. But have you ever paused to think that maybe less successful work can have its own merits and that there might as well be a moving story behind it? In other words, science research is about mutual respect, and the common experience of progress, passion and perseverance that is shared among all researchers.”

Zhang Liu (2AD1)

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“The NRP experience was a long and tiring but fulfilling one. Despite it being very daunting at first having to juggle CCA, academics and an added burden of having to go to NTU twice a week for research, it ended well and I have no regrets in taking up the research program. I was able to further my interest in the field of computer science and understand better on what will be studied if I majored in the following. All in all, the research program was one that allowed me to stretch myself and helped me better understand what it means to be a researcher.”

Muhammad Faruq (2SA4)

Group Photo

Written and edited by: Zhang Liu (2AD1)