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Mayflower Debate Masterclass

Masterclass 2016 is an annual event held at Mayflower Primary School to teach primary school prefects on the essentials of public speaking, one of the core elements of being a student leader. Just like every other year, ACJC debaters are given the opportunity to plan, organise and execute the Masterclass.
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Engaged learners

This year, our debaters decided to do things a little differently. Instead of the usual lecture format, we decided to go with a station system, to make it more engaging for the prefects. We split up the content for our lessons into 3 stations, and had the students cycle through them. At every station, a different aspect of public speaking is taught to the prefects. For example, we have the Emceeing station as well as the Announcements station, where they are taught the specific skills required to perform those tasks in the future as prefects.
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A day well spent

Both the students and debaters benefitted greatly from this event. From planning this Masterclass, we have learnt the critical skills of teamwork and empathy, so that we could design our curriculum to fit the primary school prefects. Furthermore, it gave the debaters of our school a chance to challenge themselves by speaking to a different audience. All in all, it was a fantastic experience for both our debaters and the primary school prefects, and we look forward to working with Mayflower again next year! 

Alvin Ben Abraham
President of the Debate Society