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Energy Innovation Challenge

The Energy Innovation Challenge is an annual competition jointly organised by The Institution of Engineers, Singapore (IES) and the Science Centre Singapore (SCS) with the support of the Ministry of Education (MOE). It aims to promote engineering and innovation for students in Secondary Schools, Junior Colleges, ITEs and Polytechnics. This year, participants were tasked to design or invent a product to address the Urban Heat Island Effect, a problem of increasing importance with increasing urbanisation.  
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Guest-of-Honour, Dr Vivian Balakrishnan, presenting an award to the team

The competition spanned a few months, during which participants were exposed to different aspects of engineering. It culminated in the week of the 2017 World Engineers Summit, 19-21 July 2017, where selected entries were exhibited at Suntec City Convention Centre for judging as well as for public viewing.

At the final judging, Team ACJC was awarded top prize – for the third year running – in the JC category! We are very proud of our all-female team who won an all-expense paid trip to the Suzhou-Singapore Industrial Park.
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Presenting their project

Shao Yakun (1MD2) and Luo Yixin (1MD1) share their reflections:

“The Energy Innovation Challenge was really an enriching experience for us. It was exciting to see how our project evolved from a few words on a piece of scratch paper to the carefully-crafted building model with the poster full of data and evidence. Through the process of developing the details of our building design, I learned how to think about problems from different aspects-such as people, environment, government-so as to maximize the benefits of our design. Also, I developed my research skills through the process of finding evidence to support our idea and using research data to improve our project details.. The interactions with different professors also gave me insights into engineering as a future career option.” – Yakun.

“As a science student, I am always interested in applying my knowledge to practical situations like solving the Urban Heat Island Effect which might be a significant local problem in the future. Although Yakun and I disagreed with each other’s ideas at times and struggled to keep pace with our studies, we developed good teamwork and problem-solving skills. At the final judging, our ‘tree village’ model impressed senior engineers and professors from NTU and NUS, and they are amazed by our creative and aesthetically appealing ideas which were supported by scientific evidence. This experience was eye-opening and unforgettable as it was an opportunity to solve real life problems and allowed me to imagine future possibilities in a scientific and realistic way. I have also discovered my potential in engineering and architecture, which may become my future career choice.” - Yixin

Photos by The Institution of Engineers, Singapore (IES)