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ECDC visits ACJC

On the 12 of April 2017, as part of an Early Childhood Development Centre (ECDC) visit to ACJC, ACSian Theatre was privileged to meet Pushpa Mamu, the recipient of CNN’s Hero of the Year in 2012 and 2016. She has rescued children in Nepal who were jailed because they had nowhere else to go, took care of them and raised them out of her own savings. 4 of these children came together with her to visit ACJC from Nepal.

 The J1 and J2 members of ACSian Theatre got the chance to talk to them and realise how privileged our lives are. Pushpa Mamu is truly an inspiration to all. She does not get any monetary profit from doing this, but rather spiritual happiness and contentment from seeing these children having the freedom to enjoy life rather than being locked behind bars. Such selflessness goes beyond any boundaries, and proves to us that to make a difference in society all that matters is having the will and a vision. We were also inspired by the children that we met, still able to smile and move on with life. We gained new insights on how the kids fight for their dreams and aspirations. Even though they do not have as many opportunities as we do in Singapore, they strive to seize every small chance available for them. It is simply awe-inspiring to see such young kids have so much drive. They are strong in more ways than we can imagine.


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ACSians with our visitors from Nepal

We would like to thank our ACSian Theatre teachers for giving us the opportunity to meet these people and expand our horizons. We hope these children will continue to have fulfilling lives and grow up to pursue the dreams that they have set out for themselves. To God be the Glory, the Best is Yet to Be.

Anunaya Joshi 1MD2

Cheung Ka Shing 1MD2