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DEP Learning Journey to Lasalle

On 25th May 2017, the J1 Drama Elective Programme (DEP) students visited the La Salle College of Fine Arts to attend a lecture by Stelarc, a world-renowned performance artist. Cyprus-born Stelarc is perhaps most well known for his performance pieces that have seem him hooked to cables hanging from the ceiling, "growing" an ear on the underside of his left forearm.  At this lecture, Stelarc spoke about his trans-humanist philosophy, expounding on his belief that humans can and should transcend the physical limitations of our bodies to reach greater heights. Stelarc presented a diverse tapestry of trans-humanist experiments and performances he has conducted for over two decades. 

At the Q&A session, ACJC’s own Cheung Ka Shing asked Stelarc for his views the manifestation of AI technology in our daily lives; in response, Stelarc explained the seamless transition between the physical and virtual world and how, in the future, avatars could replace the physical body. Intertwining technology, biology, and philosophy, Stelarc has made a lasting impression on our DEP students that will no doubt now shape how they interact with the world around them.