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Brain Camp

Singapore Technologies Endowment Programme(STEP) NUS Sunburst Brain Camp was held from 4th June to 10th June 2017.

The purpose of the camp is to inspire and educate secondary and tertiary students on brain research. In addition, it is also to foster interaction and friendship between students from ASEAN countries. Students took part in a series of hands-on activities and scientific lectures. They also worked in groups to present on a neuroscience research topic. 

ACJC student participants (from left to right): Zhang Liu, 2AD1; Xiong Rui, 2SA4; Cai Yutong, 2SC3; Nixon Neo Zhao Kai, 2SC1

“Overall this Brain camp was very enriching, educational and well-organised. The lecture series broadened our horizon in neuroscience, the visit to the NUS Centre of Life Sciences labs let us experience what neuroscience research in real life looks like, and the interaction with students from other ASEAN countries deepened our understanding of our own regional identity. 

I won overall winner of the Instagram competition with a short video I made. I am grateful for this opportunity, and would highly recommend our juniors to participate next year!”

Cai Yutong