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To bring the first term to a heartwarming close, the class of 2AH arranged for a lunch gathering for the college’s non-teaching staff on 10 March. Aptly named AppreciACSian Lunch, the event allowed the class to show gratitude to the many non-teaching staff who have worked tirelessly yet unassumingly behind-the-scenes to maintain the college’s facilities and provide a conducive environment for learning.
The AppreciACSian Lunch featured an afternoon of laughter, conversation, and reminiscence. All non-teaching staff, including custodians, librarians, IT specialists, and administrative staff were invited to a 70’s-themed luncheon in recognition of their efforts and often-unnoticed contributions to college life. 
It was a memorable afternoon for both staff and students, as the participants entered into a meaningful time of heartfelt and profound conversation over lunch. As the staff and students got to know each other better, they enjoyed a splendid time of bonding over memories, experiences and advice.
Beyond lunch, simple yet rousing games were organised, with much laughter and joy being shared as the pass-the-parcel activity incited jovial and personal responses from the participants, who shared freely about their time with the college and their recollections from the heyday of the 70’s. A time of gift-giving, photo-taking, and an electric dance performance by the class helped set the mood for a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon, which was wonderfully wrapped up by the presentation of penned messages of appreciation from students from other classes to the non-teaching staff. 
In embarking on this special and unprecedented VIA project on campus, the class undoubtedly gained a renewed sense of respect for all that the non-teaching staff have contributed to the college. Through their efforts, the class hopes to create a culture of gratitude in ACJC, where students consciously extend their thoughts of kindness and acknowledgement to these unsung heroes.

Johan Ding (2AH)