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RunAC was held on the 24th of February.
Although the dreary weather threatened to pour, RunAC managed to proceed after light showers, with students carefully stepping through muddy terrain to get through to the concrete pavements to begin running for their houses.  The Competitive Run for Boys and Girls began first as students participating in the mass run hung back as they cheered the runners on.
The Competitive run
Soon after, the remaining students then headed off to run by the sea at West Coast. The cool weather indeed helped spur many students on as they sprinted ahead to complete the 2.4km race.  After the races, it was soon announced that the overall champion house for 2016 was Oldham! Cheers erupted from the students bearing the signature red t-shirts as they applauded the stellar achievements of their house. Other houses cheered along to show their support as well.  
The prizes, waiting to be claimed
RunAC 2016 ended with blue skies and bright smiles as students gathered around the fields to take photographs with each other to commemorate their one-of-a-kind AC ACSperience! Onwards to RunAC 2017!