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Nanyang Research Programme Symposium

The NTU Nanyang Research Programme is organised by NTU, to provide pre-university students with an opportunity to be immersed in the research project to gain insights into a specific area of science beyond the school curriculum at the different faculties.
In 2015, five students from ACJC who participated in the research programme and had successfully completed their programme from April to December. We are proud to announce the following winners for NRP symposium.


Bawari Shivangi (2AA1)
Chen Zhezheng (2SA1)

Pang Kexin 2SA1 Silver
Wang Jiakai 2SA2 Silver
Liu Ziruo 2SC2 Silver

From left to right: Liu Ziruo(2SC2), Pang Kexin(2SA1), Bawari Shivangi(2AA1), Wang Jiakai(2SA2), Chen Zhezheng(2SA1)

“The NRP enrichment programme was a thrilling experience for me. This was my first research experience and I got to learn a lot from my professors and my research partner, not just more about the topic of our study that I was personally quite interested in, but also about how a social science research is conducted and how the work environment is like. The programme definitely invoked an interest in me for social science research and I am truly grateful for the opportunity.”

Bawari Shivangi 2AA1

“If I were to use two words to describe my NRP journey, those words would be CHALLENGING and EYE-OPENING. My research project is one on the moral foundations of Singaporeans. While I was working on the numbers and papers, I was also helping at my supervisor Prof. Seetoh Pei Pei’s Early Cognition Lab. Working at the lab forced me to really step out of my comfort zone and to talk with organizers, parents and kids with confidence, passion and love. I have benefited not only from learning research skills but have also improved as a person and a student. I am really grateful for this opportunity and for my supervisor, the teachers and all the amazing people I have met and worked with!”
Pang Kexin 2SA1