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International Energy Innovation Challenge 2016

The International Energy Innovation Challenge on 23 and 24 July 2016 was co-organised by the Singapore Institute of Engineers and Science Centre Singapore as part of the annual National Engineer’s Day 2016. ACJC took home the top prize in 2015, and we are proud to announce that we have once again triumphed this year.
 The assembled teams

This year, we submitted two projects and both were shortlisted for the final judging out of 15 teams from junior colleges. We are proud to announce that both our teams received awards.
She Jiayu.jpg

She Jiayu

The first prize went to She Jiayu of 1SA4, for his project ‘Kinetic Energy Saver’.
“It has been a tough but enriching experience participating in Energy Innovation Challenge. I was given the opportunity to marry theoretical concepts with innovative ideas to tackle real-life problems. The course of 6 months provided me a totally new perspective of science research, helped me improve my skills on writing essays, reports and designing posters, and also allowed me to experience the bitter of failure and sweet of harvesting the results. The experience of presenting my project to both the experts and laymans and giving a speech on stage honed my interaction and presentation skills and also boosted my confidence level. Overall, EIC is definitely a fabulous opportunity for me to learn more and deepen my interest in science research. Last but not least, I would like to specially thank my teacher mentor Dr William Toh for his continuous guidance and nurture throughout the course of 6 months and my project mentor Mr Phillip Ngeow for his valuable inputs and suggestions to my project.” – She Jiayu, 1SA4

The MERIT award went to a team of three from 1SB1, for their project ‘Kinetide – Waving goodbye to Fossil Fuels’. 
EIC 2.jpg
Sin Yong Heng, Park Kun Young, Alex Joel Lee of 1SB1

This team was also awarded the Standards Award sponsored by SPRING Singapore. A standard is a document required by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), which provides requirements, specifications, guidelines or characteristics that can be used consistently to ensure that materials, products, processes and services are fit for their purpose.

“From the start, our team thought that it was going to be an easy journey, contrary to what our seniors told us. But such realisations can only come through experience, as we soon discovered while trying to generate workable ideas. However, that was only the start of our struggle, as following that, countless hours had to be put in to continually refine and rework the idea that we had chosen to go with. Despite the many difficulties faced, our team attributes our perseverance to not only the spirit of the team, but also the wisdom of our mentor, Mr Hozefa, as well as the patience of our teacher mentor, Dr Toh. After the results had been released, we felt extremely relieved that our efforts had not gone to waste, but were also thankful for the opportunities given to us to expand our knowledge and socialise with students from other schools. But overall, we feel that it was a mentally enriching experience that we all enjoyed, and hope that the batches following ours will be able to participate in such events as well.” - Sin Yong Heng, Park Kunyoung and Lee Tze Wei Alex Joel, 1SB1

We congratulate our teams on their excellent performance! 

To God be the Glory – The Best is Yet To Be!