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Inter House Games 2016

The ACJC Inter-house Games were held on the blistering hot afternoon of the 4th of May 2016. ACJC would like to thank the PE department and the House Committees of 2016 for organising this event!
The House Flags on proud display
On the afternoon of the Inter-house Games, student morale was high as the entire school reported to the bleachers to support their respective Houses. Screams and cheers could be heard across the bleachers and the running track as students eagerly tracked the progress of the various events happening across the afternoon. With occasional wit coming from the commentator’s booth, the event was definitely given a light-hearted touch as the Inter-house Games are largely in the spirit of good fun between members of our school community.
The Inter-house Games featured a host of exciting sports-based activities, from the classic 100-metre sprints and 4x100m relays to Frisbee and Street Netball; where students representing their various Houses sprinted, pulled, kicked, and smashed their way through a series of intense competition, eventually culminating in a shared win between the Shaw Vee Meng (SVM) and Cheong Koon Seng (CKS) Houses after an afternoon of ardent sporting prowess displayed by the representing athletes.  
The penultimate event was the teacher’s relay, with students from every House leaping to their feet screaming and cheering for their teachers as they sprinted it out across the track in a 4x100m relay, showing the cohesive and united nature of ACJC in spite of the fierce competition between the Houses.
 The Inter-House Tug of War
The day concluded with the Inter-house Tug-of-War, ending the whole afternoon of fun and games with a bang as students from each House flexed their muscles and ‘pulled their weight’ to move the red ribbon over to their side.  As with every event in ACS schools, the day closed with the singing of the school anthem, and rousing applause.
To God be the Glory, the Best is Yet to Be!
by Ivan Lin 2AA2