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Founder's Day: ACS 130

130th Founder’s Day 1st March 2016 marks the 130th Founder's Day for the Anglo-Chinese Schools. Founded by Bishop William Oldham in 1886 at 70, Amoy Street, the ACS family has grown from humble beginnings to spectacular heights. Today, previous and current batches of ACSian students, including distinguished alumni members and the outstanding students from the class of 2014, gathered to remember where we came from and commemorate all that has been achieved.  
Dr Wong and Ms Chong leading the procession into the Hall
The Guest of Honour was Rev Dr. Gordon Wong, President of the Trinity Annual Conference, an ordained minister of the Methodist Church in Singapore. The theme verse for this year's Thanksgiving is “Serve one another humbly in love." from Galatians 5:13. 
The principal of ACJC, Ms Beatrice Chong, shared about the attitude of service that is an integral part of the ACS DNA. From the founding of the first Anglo-Chinese School by Bishop Oldham 130 years ago, to the divine service and love shown by God and His son, Jesus Christ, 2000 years ago. 
Ms Chong addressing the Assembly
The College was pleased to receive greetings by Rev Edwin Wong, on behalf of the Bishop of the Methodist Church in Singapore, Dr. David Tan, committee member of the ACS Old Boys' Association, and Suzanne Lim Tze Yin, the President of the 40th Students' Council.  
The Rev Dr. Gordon Wong, our Guest-of-Honour, shared a heartfelt, modest message of humble service for the school and for others. He then presented the awards to the class of 2014.
Dr Wong, addressing the audience
The top arts student of 2014, presented with the Wan Fook Weng Medal, was Mirian Yeo Sze En, who achieved 8 distinctions at the GCE A Level Examinations in 2014. The top science student was Samuel Lai Chang En, who won the Tan Chin Tuan Medal. Other outstanding students included Low Ee Ning (Khoo Teck Quee Award), Claire Lois Carter Rui En (OBA Gold Award), Benjamin Ong Ming Yi (OBA Silver Award), Le Huynh Khuong Duy (Historia Collegia Book Prize), Lim Shi Cheng (Teoh Siew Kim Book Prize for Geography), Tan Jacky (Lily Loh Book Prize for Economics), Willie Rush Lim (Lily Loh Book Prize for Mathematics), Yee Zhuan Jin (Lenn Wei Ling Book Prize for Physics), Chen Zhichao (Kwan Woong Hing Book Prize for Chemistry), and Crystal Lee Ann (Yeo Chee Kai Book Prize for Biology). 
Mr. Richard Seow, Chairman of the ACS Board of Governors, then presented the prizes to the class of 2016. The Wan Fook Weng Award went to Hor Wern Thing (2SA1), who achieved Best Progress Award and perfect rank points at the 2015 promotional examination. Lee Georgie (2SA1) won both the Lim Choo Mong Award (Science) and the Wong Ah Loong Science Scholarship for his marvellous academic performance, including perfect rank points, on top of other prodigious achievements in scientific research and the Best Progress Award. Another student who attained perfect rank points was Abigail Anousha Fernandez (2AH), who also won the Lee Hah Ing Award (Arts) and the Best Progress Award. 
Two awards were presented by Alumni of the college. The Class of 2002 Alumni Scholarship, presented by representative students of the cohort, is given to students with a passion for service. This year, the scholarship was bestowed upon Carissa Liew En Hui (2SC1) and Samuel Ashwin Augustine (2SC8). The Akbar Khan Award, presented by Mr. Akbar Khan himself, went to Ling Hu Hao. 
Gathered together as one College
We at ACJC are pleased to celebrate our present achievements and our history at Founders Day. Every year, Founders Day sees current students, alumni, and all the others who make up the ACS family gathered together to pass the torch from one generation to the next. 
‘The Past we inherit, the Present we create, but for those who hope, work and play, the Best is Yet to Be’ 
By Chalita 2AD3