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Chinese Drama @ SYF

The Chinese Cultural Society aims to celebrate traditional Chinese arts and culture. Indulging in a great variety of activities such as Chinese painting and calligraphy, kung fu and even Chinese Yoyo, we strive to extend our horizons and to present the best of Chinese culture to our College and community. We have actively participated in competitions during the SYF (Singapore Youth Festival) with our original dramas; we also engage ourselves in meaningful VIAs such as performances for old folks homes, outside-school cultural exhibitions as well as Chinese festival celebrations. Through all these experiences, we believe that what makes our lives meaningful is the journey we have walked through together.
This year, the Chinese Cultural Society has clinched the Certificate of Accomplishment in SYF 2016 with our very own drama "My Dear Kid". This drama is 100% original with a script written by two of our JC1 members. At first, we all had different ideas about the main theme we wanted to present to our audience and it was extremely difficult to come to an agreement. After much deliberation, our team finally agreed on the script and started to rehearse the show. 2 months was all we had before the actual day. Admittedly, it was a tough period for all of us- memorizing our lines, crafting the props, and at the same time managing our own studies- SYF was a big challenge for us. However, none of us had ever thought about giving up for we wanted to showcase the best in front of everyone. With the help of our beloved teachers in charge and drama coach, we rehearsed 3 times a week, seeking every opportunity to enhance our performances.
image3.JPGA Thrilling Performance
A Chinese proverb says" Good things are a long time in coming." We have truly understood this. On the actual day of our SYF, we received a very sudden call from the SYF committee to postpone our slot. Nevertheless, our teachers in charge comforted us by telling us to think positively and just take this as the final rehearsal. Fortunately, our efforts have been paid off: we did a great job on the SYF day the week after and with the presence of so many supporters and even our principal Ms Choong, we felt deeply empowered.We are confident that we have put in our very best and our goal has been accomplished! Most importantly, we have bonded more closely as a team, and also as a family.
image6.JPGThe Team, with our supportive teachers
The SYF drama experience has definitely been an unforgettable one, for we have conquered many uncertainties and hardships. Indeed, we are thankful that along the way, we were so blessed with love and support. With the passion to explore and tenacity to practice, the Chinese Cultural Society never disappoints!!