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Arts Night 2016

On the evening of 19 February, Arts Night 2016 – a production by the AC Arts Council - saw an impressive turnout of both performers and attendees. This year’s theme was “James Bond”, in light of the most recent Bond movie, Spectre, which marked the end of Daniel Craig’s run as James Bond. Students were asked to come in their suave outPhoto 1.jpgfits, the men in suits and the ladies in dresses, to enjoy a night of fun and artistic expression.
  Our Stylish MCs

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Once students were done taking photos at the photo booth in the concourse, they strutted up to the hall, with the Jazz Band playing music for them as the waited in excitement for the event to begin. As the crowd settled down, the classic James Bond theme song was played, signalling the entrance of the 2 emcees for the event, May Anne, and Nithyasri, and the start of Arts Night 2016.
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The students did not have to wait too long for our very own ACJC talents to wow the audience on stage  
As talented performers jostled for their moment in the spotlight, the eager audience cheered them on with much zest. Various performances, featuring dancers, singers, musicians, and even a full jazz band, held their audience in thrall, drawing standing ovations for their skill and artistry.
Arts Night 2016 ended with our final performance by Max Ko, who performed a riveting dance item for all to see. Arts Night 2016 then came to an end, with our emcees bidding the audience farewell, and them showing their appreciation with a round of applause. Arts Night 2016 was indeed a success, and it would not have been so without the help of many people.
The Arts Council would like to thank the Media Resource Crew for helping us with their technical mastery, the Christian Fellowship for graciously helping us out with the logistics, our performers, volunteers and those who came for the event itself who all played a critical role in Arts Night 2016’s success.