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ACS 130 Blood Donation Drive

As part of the ACS130 celebrations, ACJC held a blood donation drive in conjunction with similar blood drives at ACS (Independent), ACS (Barker Road) and ACS (Primary). It was also the concluding event to SG50 ACtS, a series of activities organised by the ACS family of schools to celebrate SG50.Mr Mervyn Sek, HOD of Project Work & Values in Action, raised awareness of this event by highlighting our communal responsibility in contributing to those in need. He impressed upon students the importance of donating blood to save lives during morning assemblies that led up to the donation drive.
Students and Teachers, in it together!
For the first time, members of our College’s First Aid Unit also reached out to the working community at the nearby Buona Vista area to invite them to donate blood at ACJC. On 19 February, 168 people signed up to contribute to ACJC’s blood drive, of whom 121 were approved for donation, a clear demonstration of the enthusiasm with which the College and members of the public responded to this call. Donors found the experience very pleasant, and commended the processes for the level of organisation and efficiency. The staff facilitating the blood donation were polite, patient and understanding. This helped to sooth the nerves of any first-time donors, and to reassure experienced blood donors as well.
Parents were eager to serve too
Summing up the thoughts of her peers, student Jerlene Ng (2SC6) felt it was important to donate blood, as it “was about having a heart for people who are recipients and is meaningful as an opportunity to give back to society.”The blood drive was a heart-warming event filled with care and thoughtfulness from all parties involved, and was a meaningful way to celebrate 130 years of the ACS story. This event was a true embodiment of the ACS spirit and well-aligned to the theme verse – “Serve one another humbly in love” (Galatians 5:13). 
Anne Huang (2AD3) & Grace Huang (2AA1)