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ACJC Volunteers' fair

The Volunteers’ Fair has always been an essential part of the ACJC experience. Since 2006, the ACJC Values-in-Action committee has provided this signature platform to connect students to community partners with the objective of raising social awareness and engaging students with the larger community. The 2016 iteration of the fair included the participation of 27 diverse non-profit organizations ranging from elderly care to environmental conservation. For a duration of five hours, approximately 1000 ACJC students had the opportunity to learn about beneficiaries’ causes and needs while being given the chance to get involved. At the age of 17-18, students are encouraged to go beyond participating in one-day planned events; to initiate, design and manage meaningful projects which serve the genuine needs of Singaporean society.
volunteers fair 1.jpeg
ACSians exploring the interactive games at a booth
The event was quite an experience in itself. Booths that were set up included interactive games to provocative artefacts like confiscated illegal tiger carcasses that captured the attention of passers-by who had little intention in entering the fair. While the fair was organized solely for students, it was a pleasant sight to observe teachers participating and the organizations getting acquainted with one another.
volunteers fair 2.jpeg
Mercy Relief, explaining their cause to a student 
Towards the end of the fair, I was tasked to gather written feedback by all the organizations. As I collected the feedback, it warmed my heart to read that most of these partners continue to return to this event because they believe that ACJC students are empathetic and responsible volunteers through previous encounters working with them. All in all, the VIA committee believes that the Volunteers’ fair has been an enriching experience for everyone and will strive to inspire students to take action and be at the centre of social change.
-Bryan Lee