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ACJC commemorates International Friendship Day

On 20th of April, staff and students of ACJC gathered in the hall, in high anticipation of the annual Friendship Day Concert.  In ACJC, the Friendship Day Concert marks two commemorative events – International Friendship Day where we celebrate our warm ties with other nations, and Racial Harmony Day where we mark our strong and cohesive ties that transcend racial and religious affiliations.   
Dance 2.JPG
Our spectacular dancers
In the days leading up to the Friendship Day Concert, we had various activities lined up as part of National Education (NE) Week in ACJC, such as ethnic cuisine exclusively sold in the canteen for that week and quizzes for the student body among other exciting highlights. Kicking the concert off, the ACJC Dance Society performed a spectacular dance item filled with vitality to an appreciative and cheering audience. More dazzling performances await when one of our Chinese Orchestra students mesmerised the audience with her masterful playing of a well-loved Chinese folk tune on the Pipa.
Pipa CO 2.JPG
Playing the Pipa
ACSian Theatre took the audience to “the Centre of Asia” with yet another energetic dance item that was a fusion of dance moves from various ethnic groups in Singapore, leaving the audience awestruck at their poise and aplomb. The concert ended on a high note with the performers coming together with the student body to sing along to “Hey Jude” by the Beatles, as one AC family.  
ACSian Theatre 1.jpg
The centre of Asia
Our Vice-Principal Mrs Choo also came on stage to share her closing thoughts with the staff and student population.  
Indeed, Friendship Day attests to our shared humanity and is an important reminder of friendships and fellowship among all, regardless of race, color or religion.  
Melissa Goh Shi Qi, 2AD1