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AC Science: Singapore Chemistry & Biology Olympiads

In November 2015, Anglo-Chinese Junior College (ACJC) participated in the 27th Singapore Chemistry Olympiad (SChO) and the 16th Singapore Biology Olympiad (SBO), both held at the National University of Singapore (NUS).  We are pleased to announce that eight of our students emerged as Silver and Bronze medallists and Merit awardees, a great improvement from our past year results. This is a clear testament to our ACSians efforts to shine as champions of Science excellence!

Top row: Hor Wern Thing, Aaron Thio, Joyce Yip, Ling Hu Hao, Phoebe Yap.
Bottom row: Mr Rayston Leong, Rayner Sutardja, Liu Yiwen, Georgie Lee, Mr Marcus Yip
According to Joyce Yip, “it was certainly an enriching experience to be able to participate in the Biology Olympiad; it has definitely provided me with an opportunity to learn biology-related facts that are out of the syllabus. It is not a common occurrence that I can see the anatomy of shellfish, do DNA extraction, spectrometry and plant microscopy all in the same day. The preparation was certainly enjoyable.” 
Joyce sincerely hopes that her juniors who aspire to do well in the SBO will cultivate the tenacity to carry on even when things get difficult. In her own words: “Never be afraid to learn beyond the syllabus.”  
Aaron Thio has a few words of inspiration for the JC1s: “To the J1s that have chosen to join Science Olympiads, do not be daunted by the tough journey that you decided to embark on. Set your mind to it, and focus till the end as it will be well worth it!” 
Georgie Lee also wants to encourage the JC1s: “Consistency is key. Through the months leading to SChO 2016, never stop studying and practicing Chemistry! A smart and achievable target would be to finish your entire organic chemistry, equilibria and kinetics syllabi by the end of the June holidays. Study other undergraduate texts and master concepts like steady-state approximation and rate law derivations."
The College congratulates all of them for their achievements. 
To God be the Glory, the Best is Yet to Be!