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Volunteers' Fair 2015

To give ACJC students an opportunity to independently source for Values in Action (VIA) projects for themselves and their classmates as well as to better empathise with their beneficiaries’ needs, the ACJC VIA Committee organised its 10th Volunteers’ Fair on 3 March. The annual fair provides a platform for the direct interaction between students and the members of the participating Voluntary Welfare Organisations (VWOs). This interaction aided in engaging students as they could directly clarify doubts and queries as they sought to understand the respective VWOs. 

“It was very useful as the organisations gave us detailed information about what they do, allowing them to better understand them,” said Ng Chih Qing (1AD1).

Furthermore, it also gave members of participating VWOs an opportunity to meet our ACJC volunteers to offer and explain their projects. 
“It's good to be able to recruit a whole class as it can help promote class bonding, and yet at the same time it is easier to manage the students,” opined Lilian Koh from the 8th ASEAN Para Games Organising Committee. “By volunteering for the 8th ASEAN Para Games, it can really help teach the students inclusiveness and empathy.” 

The games booths set up by her organisation gave students the chance to experience the difficulties of wheelchair-bound athletes when playing basketball.

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The VWOs benefitted as they are able to promote their organisations and raise greater awareness about their objectives and aims. According to Ong Wei Chang from the Tiong Bahru Community Club’s Youth Executive Committee (YEC), “the Volunteer's Fair provided an excellent platform for us to promote the YEC's activities. ACJC students were pro-active in seeking opportunities to serve the community, both as volunteers and project organisers. It was an enjoyable experience speaking to these passionate youths.” 

About 21 VWOs filled the Hub and the Foyer, providing students with a diverse and broad spectrum of causes, ranging from animal welfare to the elderly. This not only widened students’ knowledge of the various causes to support and VWOs to serve with, but also allowed students to explore their interest areas and suggest possible projects that they can initiate and manage to meet the needs of the VWOs.

By Cheryl Teo (Member, VIA Committee)