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Theasthai, an annual showcase put up by ACJC Drama Elective Programme, was staged by the class of 2016, on the 23rd of May 2015. Theasthai requires actors to perform individual monologues of their own choice, displaying academic calibre in the performative element of Theatre Studies and Drama.  Students showcased an array of monologues ranging from light-hearted comedy to ones that explored darker facets of human psychology.  This was a process-based performance following the Stanislavskian system of acting, accessing the progressive growth of the actor and allowing for theoretical skills to be transferred from page to stage.  With the artistic liberty given to them for dramatic interpretation, students acquired heightened sensitivity towards subtle nuances, a skill that is applicable in daily life.  Theasthai gives students an opportunity to discover themselves as Stanislavskian actors, gain deeper insights on skill acquisition, and learn how to perform with verisimilitude and veracity.



20150523_0384_MWP_JOE_HIGHRES.jpg20150523_0425_MWP_JOE_HIGHRES.jpgIndividual Monologues

The class of 2016 would like to thank our friends and family, who gave us undying support, in the form of assisting us in crewing, ushering, or being part of the audience, and our teachers in-charge, Mrs Geetha Creffield, Ms Michelle Wong, and Mr Joel Chin for guiding through the month-long process of finding our characters, and ourselves, and for inspiring us to strive harder, for the best is yet to be.


Sneha Sudha Sanjay 1SD2 & Loe Min Si 1SD3