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Tedx Youth@ACJC

ACJC’s inaugural TEDxYouth@ACJC was held on the 31st of July, 2015, with the theme ‘Changemaker’ with a focus on people who have spearheaded progress, regardless of the field they are in. We invited inspiring leaders from fields such as technology, the arts and education to share their experiences with us. This evening was hosted by Reuben Goh and Sanjna Selvarajan of 2AH.

Dr Margaret Chan.jpg

Dr. Chan, speaking about Art

Dr. Margaret Chan, a professor from SMU, began with a presentation comparing the way we interpret Western and Asian Art, citing works from different periods. Through her talk, we learnt more about the thoughts and outlook of the artists when they created their pieces and about the differences in attitudes between East and West.

Dr Jospeh Chang.jpg

Dr. Chang holding his printable circuits

Dr. Joseph Chang, a professor from NTU, spoke about his printable circuits, hinting at many potential future developments, which would revolutionise our daily lives and how we go about it. Similarly, Dr. Chen Xiaodong brought us through his development of ultrafast rechargeable batteries and its relevance to us. Their presentations definitely shed light on the limitless possibilities our future holds, and the importance of teamwork in ensuring such products, which used to be seemingly unattainable, are brought to life.

Dr. Low Guat Tin, Mr. Peter Ho and Ms. Samantha Lee each gave us personal insights on their life journey, motivating us to be decisive, take life as it comes and ‘Go Get It!’. Dr. Low, a retired educator, shared on how she helped two of her domestic helpers to achieve their goals, along with her rocky path towards becoming an English Literature teacher. Furthermore, Mr. Ho used the vivid analogy of the race track and its corners to illustrate the obstacles and challenges of life that he had to face in his entrepreneurial venture. Ms. Lee took the stage with her speech entitled ‘Connecting the Dots Backwards’, drawing inspiration from the late Steve Jobs and describing her trying process of self-discovery when life did not go her way. These timely life stories have especially aided the current JC2 students in preparing them for an adventurous and uncertain transition after their coming graduation.

It was a night to remember as many ideas were shared and many possibilities raised. The audience thoroughly enjoyed the talk and were inspired to think of their future and set high goals for themselves. It is the hope of the organisers from 2AH that this first TEDxYouth@ACJC will set the precedent for future ones.

Jack Chan Jia Wen

2AH Class of 2015