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SG50 ACtS: The Day I met the Prince

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On the 5th and 6th of May 2015, ACSian Theatre took to the stage at the Faith Centre for Performing Arts at ACJC and entertained with a charming piece from the late local playwright, Kuo Pao Kun, entitled ‘Day I Met The Prince’. The play, loosely-based around the much-revered children’s novella, ‘The Little Prince’, had a unique local-twist, infusing a blend of Singaporean wit with the common pains of growing up.
Meeting the Prince
Synonymous with Singapore’s 50th jubilee, this local piece tied in nicely with ‘SG50 ACtS’, a collection of activities by the ACS family of schools that will be conducted throughout 2015, in hope of fostering the ‘SG50’ spirit whilst spreading love and appreciation for the local arts. The performance consisted of beautiful, interpretative dance pieces alongside text and song, even making way for interactive segments that invited members of the audience to fold Origami roses, draw pictures and participate in a sing-along session.
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Interacting with the Audience
All in all, this was a theatre experience like no other that brought pure fun and joy to all those who joined us. We at ACSian Theatre are immensely grateful towards our teachers, Mrs Creffield, Ms Wong, Mr Chin, Mr Teo, Ms Low and Madam Baljeet, and to our choreographer, Mr John Cheah, for their unending care throughout this joyous experience. 20150506_0022_MWP_JOE_WEBRES.jpg
An Elephant or a Hat?
We also extend our heartfelt thanks to the audience who blessed us with their enthusiasm and warm presence.
To God be the Glory, The Best is Yet To Be!
Sanjna, Public Relations Officer
ACSian Theatre