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Science Research at ACJC

The Nanyang Technological University, or NTU, annually offers the Nanyang Research Programme (NRP) to worthy students to embark on a research project. Of the 10 students who were selected for the NRP, 7 were involved in projects which were found worthy of the gold and silver awards presented by NTU.

Some of our students were also involved in the annual Singapore Science and Engineering Fair (SSEF). The SSEF is organised by the Ministry of Education, Agency for Science, Technology & Research (ASTAR) and the Science Centre of Singapore, to select the best research projects by students in Singapore. It is the most prestigious event in Singapore for students who are involved in science research.

We are pleased that of the projects submitted by ACJC, 4 were selected to enter the SSEF, of which 1 was awarded the Certificate of Merit.

Nanyang Research Programme Awardees


Clifford Amanda Surya 2SA3
Janyne Chan Jen Khoon 2SC2


Gurumurthy Varsha 2SA1
Harvin Iriawan 2SA1
David Tay Wei 2SB1
Celine Heng Shih Ling 2SC6
Benson Fan Wai Leong 2SB6
Singapore Science & Engineering Fair Participants

Certificate of Participation:

1. Graphene Synthesis Using Home-made RF-PECVD System

by Tan Run Yu 2SA3

2. Nanotubular TiO2 materials for high-rate Lithium-ion batteries

by Andrew Wong 2SD1, Ian Wan 2SA4 and Suther David Samuel 2SA4

3. Three-dimensional graphene infused shape memory polymer for satellite launching application
by Li Lanxin 2SA3

Certificate of Merit:

1. Investigation of the effect of solvents with varying pH on spider silk mechanical properties
by Li Xiaohang 2SA2m Wang Jinyi 2SA5 and Yang Xu 2SD1

The research project awarded the Certificate of Merit was mentored by ACJC's, Dr William Toh. As Research Mentor he guided the team in their collaboration with the National University of Singapore's Biophysics Lab on this project.
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