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Project Cheer: With Cheer We Bond

It was a meaningful June vacation for 140 ACJC students from eight classes as they participated in Project Cheer, an annual initiative by Tan Chin Tuan Foundation (TCTF) to encourage students to put their values in action to create positive experiences for underprivileged children and elderly. Over eight days, the students devised their own programmes to bring cheer to over 400 beneficiaries from eight charities supported by TCTF.


Bridging Generations

Besides offering an authentic opportunity for ACJC students to hone their project management and leadership skills, Project Cheer allows them to facilitate intergenerational bonding by becoming the bridge between the two generations. Each Project Cheer session typically sees ACJC students spending the morning with the children to prepare them for the activities that will be conducted with the elderly in afternoon, such as basic dialect lessons and dance performance rehearsals. Subsequently, the students led the children on a special excursion to senior activity centres to bring cheer to the elderly.



Bringing Cheer

The students have about two weeks to devise engaging yet insightful project plans after consulting the staff at the charities. From identifying the beneficiaries’ needs to reflecting on their experiences, ACJC and TCTF are “intimately engaged in the participants’ journey of discovery, as well as their personal transformation and character growth”, said Ms Yap Su-Yin, TCTF’s Chief Executive Officer.

These eight sessions continue in the spirit of the four sessions held during the March term break, during which four classes of ACJC students organised activities to benefit six charities. Collectively, these 12 sessions are one of ACJC’s contributions towards SG50 ACtS. Besides incorporating customised SG50-themed activities like history quizzes and retro childhood games in the programme, limited-edition towels printed with the SG50 ACtS logo were distributed to all beneficiaries and staff of the participating charities.


SG50 ACtS Logo (official).jpgBy Mervyn Sek, HOD (PW&VIA)