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National Inter-School ‘A’ Division Floorball Championships 2015

The sportsmen of ACJC Floorball have always been characterised by their undying passion for the game, as well as the desire to win that is instilled in every player who dons the school colours.
 Floorball Team 2015

The ‘A’ Division championships were a platform for us to prove ourselves and initially our hard work paid off as we cruised through the group stage, picking up 5 wins from 5 games. However, in our final group stage game, we slipped up to a MJC team who caught us with their strong start, racing into a 4 goal lead. In the 3rd period, we would display our tenacity, scoring 3 goals in quick succession. Alas, it was not enough, and we finished 2nd in our group, setting up a semi-final against VJC.
Scoring a goal
In the semi-finals our weaknesses were exposed by the VJC team, who gave us no quarter and left us with no room to make mistakes. It eventually came down to the fact that we did not take our chances, and we fell to VJC 2-0. With this disappointing result, the team was heartbroken, but we picked ourselves up with ACSian Tenacity for our final game, the bronze playoffs against familiar faces MJC.
 Setting up a play
Though we eventually lost the bronze playoff game 3-1, we never gave up, playing with passion until the final whistle. Even though we played a good game, we could not pull off the goals that would have guaranteed a win. However, the nature of our performance left us satisfied, for it once again embodied our team’s unity and spirit, to keep fighting on despite the odds. This was a burning point upon which our bonds of brotherhood shone- for they were forged in the heat of battle; in the arena that is the Floorball court. Ultimately, it is these memories and friendships that we will always remember. As our senior captain once said, ‘Medals rust, but memories last.’ Even though we were unable to attain the gold medal, our shared experiences were golden.
Medals rust, but memories last

We owe our heartfelt thanks to our teachers-in-charge, Mr Yeo Kai Xiang and Mr Teo Boon Leong, for their endless guidance, support and sacrifice in ensuring that we grew together as a team and for steering us in the right direction. In ACJC Floorball, we are just not a team, but a family, and we will ensure that our team motto of ‘One Team, One Dream’ is something that will be passed on to the next batch of floorballers, for truly, the Best is yet to Be!

By Cheng Wei Qiang