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Arts Night 2015

Camera. Lights. Action. Hollywood.

On the evening of 13 February, Arts Night 2015 – a production by the AC Arts Council - saw an impressive turnout of both performers and attendees. Students jettisoned their uniforms in favour of donning costumes of film characters ranging from the famous to the obscure, to grace the event. After gleefully snapping photos at the photo booth at the concourse, they strutted into the hall on a length of red carpet and under the glare of glittering fairy lights. As melodious slow music and rock-and-roll resounded throughout the hall, the audience was given the opportunity to waltz on the dance-floor with their friends. They settled down, of course, if only not to miss the sensational performances by our very own AC talents.

Arts Night 1.jpg

As talented performers jostled for their moment in the spotlight, the eager audience cheered them on with much zest. Various performances, featuring dancers, singers, musicians, and even a poet, held their audience in thrall, drawing standing ovations for their skill and artistry. Arts Night 2015 ended with a long conga chain chugging around the hall, as students grooved to the nostalgic beat of their orientation song to celebrate an evening well-spent.

Arts Night 2.jpg

Arts Night 2015 has indeed proven to be a roaring success. The Arts Council would like to sincerely thank the Media Resource Crew for their indispensable technical expertise, as well as all performers and audience for being a part of Arts Night's fruition.