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ACSian Theatre goes to Jakarta

A quick getaway to the land of mouth-watering delicacies, lush greenery and immensely friendly people was exactly what the ACSian Theatre batch of 2015 needed after an arduous week of term examinations!


Ready to go
From the 13th to the 16th of March, 2015, the J2 batch of ACSian Theatre participated in a VIA experience in Jakarta, which comprised of a drama-cum-dance exchange with our esteemed partner school, Anglo-Chinese School Jakarta. Over the course of three days, we managed to hold an interactive dance workshop for both drama and dance students, conducted by our resident choreographer, Gerard Sebastian Raj, who choreographed the dances for Grimm Tales in 2014 as well as for our upcoming production - Amadeus. This workshop proved to be a thoroughly enriching experience for each and every one of us, as we learnt to work together with our newfound friends and connect both physically and mentally on the dance floor; pushing ourselves to greater heights whilst having a blast. We were thoroughly impressed by the Indonesian students’ enthusiasm and desire to learn throughout the workshop, which made the experience all the more enjoyable. 

Dance workshop in full swing
In addition, we also managed to slot in time for some good-old touristy fun as we explored the charming city and delved into a truly Indonesian experience - of ‘angklung’-playing, ‘kueh’-making and puppet-weaving - as well as some much desired retail therapy. 

We rounded off our exciting trip with a school performance at ACS Jakarta, performing a total of six dances we had learnt during the workshop, together with our new friends from the school. This was an exhilarating experience, and although we were placed within the challenges of adapting to a foreign stage within such a short time span, we managed to pool our efforts together to put up a genuinely entertaining performance worthy of our lovely audience.  
On the whole, this trip was memorable for us all. From giggling and chattering during bus rides to motivating one another to perform to the best of our capacities, we managed to bond even more as a batch whilst growing in terms of our craft. A thoroughly enriching experience!


In performance
We have none other than our principals, Ms Beatrice Chong, Mr David D’Souza, Mrs Choo Hong Kiang and Mr Kevin Ang, to thank for having given us the opportunity to participate in this VIA experience. We also extend utmost gratitude to the principal of ACS Jakarta, Mr Ng, for being incredibly kind and hospitable to us throughout our stay, even treating us to an authentic Indonesian meal at a beautiful restaurant after a day of dance. We also have to thank our ACSian Theatre teachers, Mrs Geetha Creffield, Mr Tobias Teo and Mdm Baljeet Kaur as well as our choreographer, Raj, for having travelled with us and kept us going with much fun and verve. Lastly, we are greatly indebted to the unending hospitality of ACS Jakarta’s staff and students for welcoming us into their beautiful school and for the continuous warmth they displayed throughout our visit. We sincerely hope that this experience will remain in the hearts of the students and teachers of ACS Jakarta, in the same way they will remain in ours.

To God Be The Glory, The Best Is Yet to Be! 

Sanjna Selvarajan, 2AH 
Public Relations Officer of ACSian Theatre