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AC Bowling

AC Bowling have indeed done well again this season, proving to be tenacious and unshaken with our Boys Team reclaiming first place in the championship and our Girls Team successfully defending their championship for the third year in a row! Fighting on in every circumstance, through the course of the months of trainings and during the A Division Tenpin Bowling Championships itself, we have stayed true to our motto, to be one team unshaken.
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One Team, Unshaken!
The boys team, has truly undergone a journey to remember. The team were neck to neck with rivals RI, and as The Straits Times put it, “the loudest cheers of the day erupted as the boys' title was reclaimed”. We are very proud of our boys for fighting till the very end, never giving up even under tough circumstances and demonstrating true ACSian tenacity.
 In the singles event, we have Julian Yeo clinched the bronze medal. Alongside Max Peh, Julian further went on to achieve the gold medal for the doubles event. Marcus Tan and Julian Yeo subsequently entered the MASTERS event, achieving commendable results. After nine gruelling games, they placed 5th and 2nd at the end of the day respectively.
Through the combined effort of the team, the boys reclaimed their title as champions this year in the overall schools placing.

Our girls team proved to be the best yet again, defending their hard won championship for the third year in a row. Desiree Durrani did the team proud, clinching the bronze medal in the singles event. In the doubles event, our girls finished 1st and 2nd with Ellis Leong & Charmaine Leow coming in first runners-up, and Desiree Durrani & Elizabeth Han emerging as champions. In the team event, our girls excelled, finishing 1st and 2nd. Syasya brought glory to the school by finishing first-runner up for the all events. Syasya and Elizabeth represented the school in the masters events clinching 3rd and 5th respectively after an intensive 9 games.
All hands on deck
The team would like to thank our Principal Ms Chong and our Vice-Principals for their unwavering support as well as to the bowling teachers-in-charge, Mr Koo, Mr Toh, Ms Chen and not forgetting Mdm Jamilah, who have guided and looked out for every single team member.
The team would specially like to thank their coach, Uncle Billy for believing and never giving up teaching the importance of bowling for the school and not for ourselves, a code that motivated the team through the competition.
Most importantly, we’d like to give all glory to God, who has been the pillar of support and source of strength through this journey. We are truly thankful and grateful to God for everything he has provided us with.

To God be the Glory, the best is yet to be.