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A*STAR Student Research Attachment Programme 2014

Closing Ceremony for A*STAR Student Research Attachment Programme 2014

From 17th November to 19th December 2014, 11 ACJC students underwent their Research Attachment Programme at various A*STAR Research Institutes. During the very exciting, though challenging 5 week attachment, the students worked on a myriad of projects across different science disciplines. 

During the attachment, the students got to experience life in the science and research industry. The students’ perspectives were broadened during the long hours spent at the offices and labs working on their reports and experiments. Although they faced many setbacks as they conducted their research, they found great satisfaction upon the completion of their projects.  

The following is a sharing by Tan Tiak Ju about his experience at the Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology (IMCB): 

My research was to determine the effectiveness of a drug on oncogenic proteins that can potentially inhibit cancer. Having to learn to operate and deal with state of the art equipment in the labs and getting a glimpse into the small mini fraternity that exists between the researchers in the lab was supremely enriching. It was also very inspiring to learn that the work that I was doing could potentially help others and change life. This notion that I was able to empower others is really noble. On top of that, it was very gratifying to know that my team and I all had the same final goal of wanting to help others. 

The 5 week attachment was brought to an end on 23 February 2015 at the Closing Ceremony for the A*STAR Student Research Attachment Programme 2014. 

Out of the 11 students, 8 are recipients of the A*STAR Science Award (JC) 2014/2015. They consist of Eugene Teu (2SA1), Joshua Quek (2SA1), Teo You Qun (2SA1), Daniel Tan (2SC1), Grace Liu (2SC1), Phaedra Lee (2SC1), Tan Tiak Ju (2SC1) and Sarah Low (2SC2). The 2 students from the Young Researchers Attachment Programme are Nguyen Minh Hoa (2SA1) and Tan Run Yu (2SA3). Finally, the student was under the A*STAR-MOE Local Student Attachment Programme is Choong Huai-Jin (2SC2). 

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Our Research Attachment Students

We would like to thank our Teachers In-charge Mrs Tan and Miss So for their support and our respective mentors at the Research Institutes for their valuable guidance.

We are greatly honoured to have been given this opportunity to gain experience in the Research Industry. Truly, The Best Is Yet To Be. 

Eugene Teu (2SA1)