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A-Division Hockey 2015

Hockey season 2015 was met with some nervousness and anticipation, but also hope and excitement of what was to come. Training sessions with the team had prepared them well; physically and mentally for the game but they knew that it was up to them to convert their efforts into success under pressure.

The season officially kicked off to an amazing start on 8 April against Victoria Junior College for the boys where the final score stood at 4-2. Having overcome the toughest competitors of their table, the boys did not let the win get to their heads and continued working hard through the group stages defeating IJC, NJC and TPJC. The girls team played their first match against Pioneer Junior College and the final whistle sealed their win at 6-0. Determined to secure our places in the semi-finals, the team played their hearts out, eventually emerging as top of their table alongside the boys.

The semi-finals saw both teams facing Saint Andrew’s Junior College. The boys dominated the competition by putting in 2 early goals in the first half. However, the score was equalised by their opponents by the third quarter of the game. Unfazed, the boys stepped up their efforts, landing 3 more goals to secure their spot in the finals against Raffles Institution.
The girls faced a tough battle and eventually bowed out after having the results decided through penalty flicks.
Nonetheless, the 3rd/4th placing match against Raffles allowed them another opportunity to give their best. True enough, the disappointment at semis did not dampen their spirits and they scored at golden time to place overall 3rd.
7th May saw the boys compete in the finals, and no one could deny that the team fought hard for every ball. True ACSian tenacity was displayed and the boys bowed out at a score of 4-0.

The Boys team after their finals

The second runner up position for two consecutive finals and the knowledge that they had done their best were enough for the team as they marked the end of the season. In the end, it was the bond with their teammates, support from their teachers and belief from their coaches that made this journey unforgettable.
To God be the Glory! The Best is Yet to Be!

 The end of season. The Best is Yet to Be!