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Grimm Tales

A journey of courage, of sacrifice, of joy and laughter… and of blissful romance. 

On the 21st and 22nd of November 2014, the J1 batch of ACSian Theatre cordially invited the audience who filled the Faith Centre for Performing Arts, on a journey like no other. This journey was called ‘Grimm Tales’.

Members of the audience were treated to a visual spectacle of dazzling colour, captivating dances, hilarious antics and spine-tingling chills. The show, which included a total of six classic Grimm fairy tales such as Golden Goose and Iron Hans and five dance sequences, had the crowd captivated from the get-go. 

The months of blood, sweat and tears we had invested into giving our hearts to the show, certainly paid off. However, we could not have come close to achieving our perfect fairy tale ending, without the support and dedication of our teachers, members of costuming and crew, alumni, family and friends.  

We look forward to doing the same in future productions to come! 

To God be the Glory,

The Best is Yet To Be!

Public Relations Officer
ACSian Theatre