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Celebrating 25 Years of Friendship

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The ACJC-Tezukayama High School 25th Anniversary Concert
On the 4th of April, students from ACJC and Tezukayama High School (THS) came together to celebrate 25 years of partnership. Since 1989, both schools have held many exchange programmes, and performers from both schools have learnt from each other through them. This relationship, which is rooted in mutual interest in the performing arts, has stood the test of time and borne fruit.  To celebrate this silver anniversary, our school welcomed 114 students and 34 parents from THS for a concert. 

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Our principal, Ms Beatrice Chong, receiving a beautiful token of friendship from the vice-principal of THS, Ms Umeda Meiko
Entitled “Tomodachi”, which is Japanese for ‘friends’, the concert featured performances by ACJC, ACS Barker, and THS. It was an afternoon of musical exchange which touched the hearts of many present in the audience, which included our principal, Ms. Beatrice Chong and the vice-principal of THS, Ms. Umeda. The THS String Ensemble and Mother’s Choir wowed the audience. The ACJC Concert Band, Choir and Dance also delivered outstanding performances. ACS (Barker) kindly contributed to the concert in the form of their Chinese Orchestra. The highlight of the concert was undoubtedly the joint performance by the THS Orchestra, ACJC Concert Band, and ACJC String Ensemble, as their extraordinary performance of a Les Miserables medley drew the concert to a suitably grand finish.

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The combined ACJC-THS Band, conducted by Mr Kawaguchi Katsutoshi
At the end of the concert, everyone proceeded out for a small reception, which saw students from both schools from making new friends, before creating a memory of this exchange at the photo-taking session.

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The THS Mothers’ Choir, our distinguished guests, and principals
“Tomodachi” is the first of two concerts which will be held to commemorate this silver anniversary. Later this year in June, members of the ACJC Concert Band and Choir will be paying a visit to THS for another concert. Even as the time came for us to bid each other farewell and though saying goodbye is always difficult, we know we will meet again. With these trips and performances, the bond between ACJC and THS will surely strengthen with the passing of time. 
By: Chia Siok Hiang (1SD4) & Hubert Yeo Jing Jie (1AD4)