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Scholar Development Programme students visit NUS-USP


Second year students from Anglo-Chinese Junior College’s Scholar Development Programme (SDP) were given the opportunity to visit the National University of Singapore (NUS) on 15 February 2013. The trip to the university, which included a tour around the campus and its new University Town (UTown), was to give us an insight into the University Scholars Programme (USP), an interdisciplinary academic programme for a select group of NUS undergraduates.
The Scholar Development Programme at ACJC aims to stretch the academic potential of students through exploration of areas outside of their specialisation, developing youths who are well-informed, aware of key global issues and well-equipped to enter the workforce of the future. This trip to NUS was one of many trips organised by the SDP and the Higher Education and Career Guidance department to expose students to opportunities that await them.


The visit to NUS began with an introductory briefing by one of the professors working with USP undergraduates. He gave us a brief outline of the programme’s curriculum, its opportunities for students and the unique undergraduate education that it provides. We were then introduced to our tour guides, all of whom were ACJC alumni who were now enrolled in the USP. This gave us a unique opportunity to interact with former ACSians, who were, through our shared junior college experience, able to describe their USP experience in the most comprehensible way for ACJC students, as well as give us advice on the admissions process.
Our tour guides took us on a tour around the beautiful campus that is NUS’ newly-constructed UTown, and gave us an eagerly anticipated exclusive access to the dormitories of Cinnamon College, one of the residential colleges at NUS. Visits to common rooms, reading rooms and cafeterias in the residential college gave us a glimpse into the social scene at the university. We were able to see first-hand what undergraduate life at NUS is like.
The trip was extremely insightful and exposed us to opportunities that await us at NUS. It equipped us with valuable information about the university’s undergraduate experience and curriculum, and highlighted the importance of taking such things into consideration when applying to universities in the near future. This experience has also sparked in us eagerness to venture into the world, which SDP will well prepare us for. We thank God and the teachers at SDP and HECG for giving us this wonderful opportunity, and we eagerly await more to come.
Deborah Wee