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Methodist Schools' Debate Cup 2013

On 19th October 2013, eleven teams from seven Methodist secondary schools gathered in Anglo-Chinese Junior College to participate in the annual Methodist Schools Debating Cup, also known as the Methodist Cup, organized by the ACJC Debating & Oratorical Society. Aimed at cultivating a future generation of critical thinking and eloquent speakers, the Methodist Cup fulfilled its aim with the participants engaging in cogent and compelling debate.

These under-16 debaters competed in three rounds of arduous debate for the coveted title, exhibiting intellectual spontaneity on topics revolving around “The Law”, the theme for this year’s tournament. They presented passionate arguments on the International Criminal Court, hate crimes, and parliamentary immunity for politicians with clarity and conviction. The audience was left impressed, intrigued, and enlightened by this high level of argumentation delivered by this promising future generation of debaters. Ultimately, it was ACS (Independent)’s Team B which emerged victorious and the team was presented with the Methodist Cup shield by our guest of honour, Mr Lim Shung Yar. Mr Lim was the former Director of Human Resource, Strategy, and Leadership in the Ministry of Education, and an alumnus of ACJC, from the class of 1997.

The Methodist Schools’ Cup 2013 indeed in the words of our guest of honour was an illustration of the “camaraderie and love which filled the halls of ACJC and ACSians”. Speaking about the AC spirit, Mr Lim observed that the Methodist Cup having brought together the various Methodist schools, providing a platform to learn and grow together was a catalyst for the creation of the strong sense of comradeship within the Methodist family. This was a sentiment affirmed by our principal, Mrs Kelvyna Chan, who oversaw her first Methodist Cup in 2003. She noted that the Methodist Cup had indeed provided a platform to cultivate eloquent speakers, continuing the fine tradition of debate within the Methodist family. We would also like to thank Mrs Chan for her never-ending support for continuing the culture of Debate in ACJC, giving the society the chance to expand and to experience different opportunities. And even as we regret the fact that she will be stepping down from her term in office, we want to thank her for coming down and for her generous offer to come back as a guest for the next Methodist Cup. 

The Methodist Schools’ Cup 2013 was a valuable learning experience for the Debating and Oratorical Society in organising the event, as well an opportunity to form and cement ties with other Methodist debaters. Most importantly, all successes are attributed to God, who has blessed the college with such abundance. To God be the glory, the best is yet to be.
By Abigail Wong,
Public Relations Officer,
Debating & Oratorical Society