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History Society Debate 2013

On 30 March 2013, the History Society held the ACJC History Society British Parliamentary Debate. The 32 teams from various secondary schools began the day with the preliminary rounds, debating the motion "This house believes that the Cold War politics by the USA and USSR was beneficial to the world". The teams were then organised into the major and minor leagues respectively, where they debated the second motion, "This house believes that the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) has lost its relevance". 

16 teams then moved on to the semi-finals, where the competition became more intense as the teams debated on the issue of the USA's involvement in WWII and whether it was beneficial to the world. The teams were cut down to just 8 which battled it out in the finals as they debated on the issue of whether China’s rising prominence is a threat to the world. The exciting day of debates culminated in Tanjong Katong Girls’ School and Hwa Chong Institution emerging as the champions of their respective divisions. It was certainly a great learning experience for all the participants, who received valuable feedback from the judges after each round.

The History Society would like to thank the teachers of the History Department, the ACJC Debate and Oratorical Society, and the Arts Council, without which the event would not have gone so smoothly and successfully. The History Society would also like to express its appreciation for all the participants of the debate, and hope that they have been able to improve their debating skills and gain a greater understanding of history. Last but not least, our thanks go out to everyone who has helped to make the debate successful in one way or another. To God Be the Glory, the Best Is Yet To Be !